Study Abroad

If you are participating in a study abroad program that is offered through the University Study Abroad Office, your tuition will be the same as if you were enrolled in courses on campus. The allowance for books and personal expenses will also be the same. However, there is an additional program fee associated with each study abroad program that will be charged to your account. This fee includes accommodation, instruction, student support, and program excursions. The numbers from the Costs page are used to determine your financial aid for the quarter during which you are abroad.

Additional out-of-pocket expenses (including a non-refundable study abroad administrative fee and travel expenses to and from your destination) are not included in your financial aid determination. Once on campus, certain College students are eligible for scholarships that assist with these out-of-pocket study abroad costs.

Additionally, all Odyssey students will receive an airfare stipend in the amount of $1,200 and administrative fee stipend of $675 while all need-based aid recipients will receive an airfare stipend in the amount of $1,200.

Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Study abroad with Financial Aid

Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Cities

Study Abroad Cities

Study Abroad Participants

Study Abroad Participants

Keep in mind you may incur costs while studying abroad that are not covered by your financial aid. These can include excursions, leisure activities and rent back in Chicago (if living off-campus). You do have the ability to request student loans to cover funding gaps. For more information, please see student loans.

If you are participating in a study abroad program that is not offered by the University Study Abroad Office, you must take a leave of absence and are not eligible to receive financial aid through the University of Chicago. Therefore, any terms you complete in a non-University program will not count toward the total number of quarters for which you are eligible to receive aid at UChicago.

If you are in a program not offered by the University Study Abroad Office, and your academic adviser has approved your transfer credits, please contact our office to discuss your financial aid options.

For more information, please visit the Study Abroad Office.

Summer Study Abroad

Odyssey Students (including International Odyssey Students) Participating in a Summer Abroad Program: 

Financial aid for Summer Study Abroad differs slightly from programs taken in the Autumn, Winter and Spring terms. Odyssey students with need will receive a need-based award that is equal to the summer study abroad cost of attendance minus the prorated family contribution. Due to this, Odyssey students may incur out-of-pocket costs while taking a Summer Study Abroad program. Please contact the Study Abroad Office for information on fees and withdrawal policies.

Additionally, Odyssey scholars will receive a stipend in the amount of $1,200 to assist with airfare and additional financial aid for the study abroad administrative fee of $675. The stipend will pay out in the Spring term once the Study Abroad Office has identified the students participating in the summer abroad programs.

Note: Flight stipends are handled by the Study Abroad Office and Payroll and are not included in the student's financial aid award or handled by the Office of Financial Aid other than determining the student's need eligibility.