Undergraduate International Aid

The College welcomes talented students from all over the world and is dedicated to providing financial support regardless of their home address.

International students can receive substantial financial aid from the University depending on their level of need. As an international applicant, your need-based financial aid eligibility is determined during the admissions process prior to your first year and is then locked in for all four years. You would not have to re-apply for need-based financial aid in future years. International students who do not apply for need-based financial aid during the admissions process are not able to apply in later years.

Need-based financial aid from the College is intended to cover tuition and fees as much as possible. Expenses beyond tuition and fees (including food and housing, travel to and from Chicago, etc.) will need to be paid out of pocket or with the help of the international stipend.

International student financial aid packages contain gift aid (grants and scholarships) as well as an international student stipend. The stipend can be used to cover billed charges over and above tuition and fees (i.e. food and housing, travel if applicable). The stipend is paid directly to the student via Workday wither as a direct deposit to a bank account or a mailed paper check. Students who wish to receive their stipend as a direct deposit will need to open a U.S. bank account.

Please visit this page for more information on the international student financial aid process.