Billing and Payment

Financial aid will disburse prior to the beginning of each quarter and will pay toward any outstanding charges on your University bill. Any remaining charges after financial aid has disbursed are the responsibility of the student.

The Office of the Bursar will provide an E-bill prior to the start of each quarter that lists your charges as well as any pending financial aid. The e-bill is static and will not change. If your financial aid package has not been completed at the time of the first e-bill, pending financial aid will not appear. When your financial aid is complete, your e-bill will not update but your financial aid will pay toward your charges.

Billing and payment are both functions of the Office of the Bursar and payment plans are available. If you have any questions about your bill, charges, or making a payment please contact the Office of the Bursar at 773-702-8000 or

For more information on billing, payment and payment plan options, please visit The Bursar Office Website.