Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to continue to qualify for institutional, federal and state financial aid, all undergraduate students must (1) complete a minimum of 70% of the units in which you enroll (withdrawn, incomplete, repeated and pass/fail courses are included in this calculation); (2) maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (incomplete coursework is included in this calculation, but withdrawn and pass/fail courses are not); and (3) complete their program within a maximum time frame of 143% of the published length of program or 6,300 units (withdrawn, incomplete, repeated, and pass/fail courses are included in this calculation). In addition (because federal regulations require that the student’s academic progress be consistent with the standard the school requires for graduation), you must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher at the end of your first and second year in the College.


The Office of Financial Aid reviews academic progress at the end of each academic year or when a student returns to the College after an absence of at least one quarter. If the review of academic progress finds that you are not meeting the above standards you will be ineligible to receive institutional, federal, and/or state financial aid funds. Any course taken at the University of Chicago, as well as transferred coursework that count towards a student’s major, will be included in SAP evaluations. Students who are not meeting SAP standards are notified by email through their UChicago email.

Appeal Process

If you are found ineligible for financial aid because you are not making satisfactory academic progress, you may appeal the decision by submitting a signed statement (appeal) to Financial Aid. The appeal should detail why you were unable to meet the progress requirements, document any unusual or mitigating circumstances, and describe what has changed that will allow you to meet SAP standards at the next evaluation. Simply paying for classes on your own, changing your major, or sitting out for any duration of time is insufficient to re-establish your eligibility for federal, state, and/or institutional aid, and will not be considered during an appeal.

The Appeal Committee in Financial Aid will review your appeal and may discuss your academic record with the Dean of Students in the College. The committee will also request supporting documentation based on your submitted signed statement. If your appeal is approved, you will be eligible for institutional, federal, and state funds for one quarter (financial aid probation). In the event your appeal is approved, you will be required to develop an academic plan with your adviser and will be responsible for satisfying the conditions of the plan to remain eligible for aid. Academic plans are unique to each student and are developed to bring students back into compliance with SAP standards in a specific timeframe, and if possible, by the next annual SAP evaluation.  At the end of each quarter, Financial Aid will review the previous quarter’s academic record and determine if you are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and any requirements included in the academic plan. Financial Aid may be able to award federal aid for the remaining quarters of the academic year if you are successfully meeting the conditions outlined in your approved academic plan. Appeals must be submitted by the 4th week of each quarter to receive full consideration. Appeals that are submitted after the end of the academic year will not be considered.

If you do not meet these criteria for financial aid eligibility but the Dean of Students in the College permits you to remain enrolled, you will not receive institutional, federal, or state funding until you are successfully meeting the minimum academic standards outlined above or are able to reappeal your SAP standings by reaching out to the Office of Financial Aid. Your financial aid will be reinstated only if you satisfy all of the SAP policy components referenced in the first paragraph or are granted and additional appeal. The Office of Financial Aid will inform any student who fails to meet the requirements of their academic plan through their UChicago email account.