Processing Timeline

Application Process

The first step to apply for any type of federal financial aid is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. After the FAFSA is successfully submitted it usually takes 3-5 business days for Federal Student Aid to process the application and transmit the information to UChicago.

Additional Documentation

After your FAFSA is received by the University, UChicago will notify you via email if any additional information is needed to complete processing. In some cases, students are required to submit additional forms and/or documents as part of the verification process. Federal verification is a process that requires the University to verify information provided on a student’s FAFSA before federal aid can be disbursed to those who are eligible.

Required documentation will vary depending on the situation. Some possible information required may include Graduate Financial Aid Office forms, identification documents, and citizenship documentation. Students should submit any additional information needed as soon as possible. Federal aid processing cannot be completed until this information has been submitted to the Graduate Financial Aid Office. Once all required information has been received and reviewed you will be sent an email with your Financial Aid Notification sometime in Spring or early Summer.

Next Steps

Your online Financial Aid Notification will include an estimated Cost of Attendance as well as a list of the types of aid you are eligible to receive, funding amount(s) available, and quarters in which the funds will be available to you. Your aid notification is based on full time enrollment in your program (part time for part time programs). If your enrollment status changes, you will need to notify the Graduate Financial Aid Office as soon as possible, as this may affect your financial aid.

After reviewing estimated costs and the financial aid you are eligible to receive, students will need to determine what financial aid they want to accept and/or decline. Most types of financial aid require students to complete additional acceptance steps in order to receive those funds. Institutional scholarships and grants provided by a student's division or program do not require students to complete any additional acceptance steps. Full details on accepting and decline financial aid can be found here.