The University requires all registered students to carry adequate health insurance to cover, among other costs, hospitalization and outpatient diagnostic, testing and surgical procedures. Additionally, the insurance must cover medical care provided in the Chicago area for both emergency and routine, non-emergency medical situations (or, if the student will
not be in Chicago, it must provide this coverage wherever the student will be residing and studying during the academic year). In keeping with this requirement, each year all students registered in an insurance-required program are enrolled in the University Student Health
Insurance Plan (U-SHIP).

Students can choose to enroll in or waive the USHIP coverage. If a student has adequate insurance coverage under a parent plan, they can decline the USHIP coverage. If you do not actively waive the coverage, USHIP charges will remain on your bill until paid. Please visit the USHIP website for more information.

Odyssey scholars who enroll in USHIP will have their charges covered by Odyssey funding.