Graduate Aid Documents

General Purpose

Aid Change Request

Use this form if you need to request additional or cancel existing funding.

Alternative Loan Request

Use this form to request the amount you’d like in alternative loans. Alternative loans are non-Federal loans where lenders provide specialized student loans with reasonable terms for U.S. citizens, nationals, permanent residents, and international students who have a credit-worthy, U.S. citizen cosigner.

Budget Appeal

Use this form if your original application does not accurately reflect your current financial situation, or if your financial situation has changed substantially since you completed your application.

Consortium Agreement

Degree-seeking students who will attend another (domestic) academic institution and whose credits will transfer towards their degree at the University of Chicago must have a financial aid officer at the other institution complete the consortium agreement and return it to our office. Your Dean of Students must approve this arrangement and can answer your questions.

Graduate Loss of Income Form

Since completion of the FAFSA application, if your income has changed between the most recent FAFSA application and now, use this form to provide the Graduate Financial Aid office with updated income information.

Pre-Med Preparatory Coursework Loan Request

In addition to completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), pre-med students must complete the Pre-Med Preparatory Coursework Loan Request form. Pre-med students must list the courses in which they will enroll and have their academic adviser or an authorized individual from their department confirm the necessary preparatory courses and sign the certification.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Use this form if you need to appeal your Satisfactory Academic Progress status.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines

Review the guidelines for Federal student aid satisfactory academic progress standards for graduate and professional school students.

Student Release of Information

Use this optional form if you want to authorize Graduate Financial Aid to discuss your financial aid information with a third party, such as your spouse, parent, landlord, etc. We cannot release information specific to your financial assistance without your written permission, which will be valid from the date you submit your release form through the last day of spring quarter, when the school year ends.