Financial Aid Notification

Processing Timeline

Financial aid can seem like a complicated process but we are here to help! Information is available on the application process, possible additional information needed, and next steps to complete after you have received your Financial Aid Notification. Learn more about the Processing Timeline.

Accepting and Declining Financial Aid

Students have choices when it comes to financial aid. After your Financial Aid Notification has been received, you have the ability to review your aid to determine what funds are needed. Accepting and decline financial aid requires students to take action and complete additional steps. Learn more about Accepting and Declining Financial Aid.

Enrollment Changes

A student's enrollment each term can impact the financial aid that is available. If your enrollment for a term changes, that is something the Graduate Financial Aid Office needs to know. Learn more about Enrollment Changes.

Reporting Additional Aid

Students are required to report aid from other sources that are not listed on their Financial Aid Notification. Learn more about Reporting Additional Aid.