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Federal Work-Study and Employment

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Student work is an important part of your financial aid award. Most students work while on campus, finding jobs at UChicago’s on-campus hospital and in University museums, offices, libraries, and labs. Although it is not mandatory to work in order to contribute to your education, if you don’t work, you will not receive the work-related funding portion of your financial aid award. While working, you will receive a paycheck every two weeks, just like any other part-time job. How you use it is up to you. Many students will use the income earned to pay for books, supplies, and extracurricular activities. Some students help their parents pay costs to the Bursar’s Office.

Federal Work-Study Eligibility and Non-Work-Study Eligibility

If you qualify for financial aid, you may be awarded Federal Work-Study. The wages for work study-eligible positions are subsidized by the government. As such, the income earned in these positions is considered financial aid, not income. If you are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study program, you will see “student employment” listed on your award letter. This designation means that you will need to find a job that does not require that you be Federal Work-Study eligible. The Office of Student Employment has postings for both Federal Work-Study and non-Work-Study positions, both on and off campus. Students may only work a maximum of 20 hours a week during the academic year, if employed through the Office of Student Employment.

If you are hired into a Federal Work-Study position, you must provide your employer with your Employment Authorization Form. This form is unique to you, details your Federal Work-Study award amount, and is required in order to be hired into a Federal Work-Study position. You can access your Employment Authorization form as follows:

  • Log in to your MyUChicago student portal
  • Click Finances > Financial Aid > Student Reports
  • Select “FWS Authorization Form” from the report drop-down and click “View Report” (make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled)

The form must be submitted to your employer before you can start working.

Summer Federal Work-Study

To determine eligibility for Summer Federal Work-Study:

Please visit the Office of Student Employment to find a position that works with your strengths and availability.

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