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Managing Your Money in College

For most students, attending college means living independently for the first time. For many this also means taking on a new level of financial responsibility. Managing your money is a necessary skill for achieving independence. But fear not: it is a learned skill. While there are many places on campus that provide information and counseling on different money management topics, these financial literacy pages are a hub for education and resources about managing your money in college and beyond. Developing good financial habits now will ease undue financial stress today and position you for financial success in the future.


Financial management is a wide-ranging topic and we hope to continue developing this mini-site based on your feedback. If there is something you want to see or information you would like to learn more about, please contact UChicago's Financial Aid Team.

  • Budgeting: A budget is a plan for your money over an interval of time. Creating and maintaining a budget is the building block of financial independence. In this section we offer strategies for strengthening your budgeting skills.
  • Saving: In addition to budgeting, saving and financial goal-setting are integral parts of good personal financial habits. This section explores methods and tools to help you start saving during your college years.
  • Credit: Credit can be defined as your financial reputation as a borrower. It is important to maintain a good credit reputation. In this section we introduce you to strategies for maintaining good credit and tools for monitoring your creditworthiness.
  • Online & Campus Resources: While you will find links to online resources throughout these pages, this section is a a one-stop shop for online courses and worksheets, webinars, and resources across campus.
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