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Summer Financial Aid

Limited financial aid may be available for eligible UChicago College students who will be enrolled in courses during the summer quarter. Students attending the summer quarter can apply for Summer Scholarship, Federal Stafford Loans, Summer Federal Work-Study and Funding for Paris Summer Study Abroad Program.

Traditional need-based aid (such as UChicago Grants and Odyssey Scholarships) are not available during the summer term.

  • Summer Scholarship - Funding availability for the summer quarter is limited. Eligible students with demonstrated need will receive $1000 per 100-unit course (maximum $3000). Odyssey students will receive $2500 per 100-unit course (maximum $7500).
  • Federal Stafford Loans - Federal loan eligibility requires enrollment in at least 200 units of coursework. Funding may be prorated and could impact future academic year availability.
  • Summer Federal Work-Study - A student can receive Federal Work-Study even if the student is not enrolled in the Summer but will enroll during the Autumn 2020 Quarter.

Apply for Summer Financial Aid

Students interested in applying for 2020 summer aid must complete the entire 2020-21 financial aid application process and submit the following required documentation to the Financial Aid Office by April 30th, 2020.

*International students are only required to submit the summer application form

Students will be notified of their summer financial aid awards after the submission deadline.

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