Whatever your circumstance, we are committed to making your education in the College affordable for your family. UChicago continues to make strides in University financial aid initiatives in response to our students’ needs. We welcome inquiries from both families who would like more information about financial aid and students interested in making the best use of their aid packages.

The chart below represents the Cost of Attendance figures for upperclass students during the 2017-18 academic year:

  On-Campus Off-Campus Commuter
Tuition $53,292 $53,292 $53,292
Student Life Fee $1,533 $1,533 $1,533
Room & Board
(or Commuter Allowance)
$15,726 $12,021 $4,968
Books/Personal Expenses $3,975 $3,975 $3,975
TOTAL $74,526 $70,821 $63,768


  1. Health insurance is not included in the cost figures above. The health insurance cost for 2017-18 is $3,972.
  2. If you change your housing status, you must notify Financial Aid immediately.

Net Price Calculator

For an estimate of what your costs might look like, please enter your information into our Net Price Calculator.

Keep in mind that this is only an estimate based on the information you provide. Your actual financial aid package may be different.