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Enrollment Changes

Aid is awarded to you based on the standard enrollment for the program in which you are enrolled. Notify Graduate Financial Aid immediately via e-mail if your enrollment status changes (i.e., drop or add a course, switch to pro-forma/study away status, or advance a grade level).

A student enrolled less than half time is not eligible to receive federal student assistance. While you may apply for a credit-based alternative loan to cover tuition, fees, and books, you must be prepared to cover your living expenses out-of-pocket.

We adjust loan eligibility for students whose enrollment status changes during the year. If you are in a full time program, your loans were determined based on full-time status. If you are in a part time program, your loans were determined based on part-time status. It is your obligation to immediately notify us of your enrollment changes so that we can review your award and appropriately adjust your loans if needed (includes those who withdraw or take a leave of absence). You may not have more financial assistance than the cost of attendance. If your loans need to be reduced, you may be required to repay funds already received.

The definitions of enrollment statuses for students in a master’s or professional program follow the same structure. Ph.D. students in scholastic and advanced residency are usually enrolled full time, unless their department grants part-time or pro-forma status.

Enrollment Changes

Enrollment Status Equivalent Units Number of Courses1
Full-Time 300 units or more 3 or more
Half-Time 200 units to 299 2
Less than Half-Time2 Less than 200 units Less than 2

1 - Most courses are equal to 100 units each. However, when the unit equivalent exceeds 100 for a course, the enrollment status is determined by the total units (not the number of courses). For example, a student enrolled in two 150-unit courses (for a total of 300 units) is considered to be full time, while a student enrolled in one 150-unit course is considered less than half time.

2 - If you receive federal assistance and drop to less than half-time status, you may be required to repay all federal assistance received.

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