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Your Tuition Bill

You may view your tuition bill online once you have access to your CNET ID. You will receive a second billing statement during the second week of the quarter. This statement will include actual charges. You will receive credit for Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Direct GradPLUS, and alternative loans only after the funds have disbursed to your account electronically. 

If an alternative loan is listed as a credit on your account, you should contact the lender to confirm that your loan request has been credit-approved. Federal Work-Study funds, which are paid directly to you, will never be included as a credit on your bill.

If your application is incomplete, your funds will not disburse to your tuition account. Contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office if you believe your application is incomplete. It is important to note that your advance tuition bill will be credited with the estimated amount of your Federal Direct Stafford Loan and will not reflect deductions for origination and guarantee fees.

Please contact the Bursar’s Office if you have questions regarding your tuition bill and late fee assessments.

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