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Alternative Loan Steps

Alternative loans are non-Federal loans where lenders provide specialized student loans with reasonable terms for U.S. citizens, nationals, permanent residents, and international students who have a credit-worthy, U.S. citizen cosigner who have decided not to borrow from the Federal loan program. See below the steps you must take in order to apply for an alternative loan, as well as a list of alternative loan lenders you may consult. 

How to Apply

  • Review the lenders and terms.
  • Complete an Alternative Loan Application with the lender of your choice.
  • Complete a Private Education Loan Application Self-Certification and return it to your respective lender along with your alternative loan application.
  • Complete Alternative Loan Request Form.

Most alternative loan funds are sent to the University via an electronic disbursement method and applied to your tuition account. However, some lenders will still issue funds by paper check. If your funds arrive by paper check, you must pick up your check at Graduate Financial Aid and take it to the University’s Maroon Financial Credit Union to have it applied to your tuition account.

List of Alternative Lenders for Domestic Students

Domestic Student Lenders

List of Alternative Lenders for International Students

International Student Lenders

Graham School Students in a Certificate Program

Students in a certificate program should contact the Graham School at 773/702-1722 for instructions.

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