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Apply for Aid

There are several steps you will need to follow closely when applying for financial assistance. These steps will vary depending on the type of aid for which you're applying. Please see below information regarding the different processes for applying for aid. 

Application Steps for Federal Loans 

Below are links containing relevant information for federal loan and Federal Work-Study application processes. 

Application Steps for Alternative Loans

Please read and follow the instructions in this section very carefully in order to understand both how the alternative loan application process works and what steps you are required to take during application. 

Processing Your Application

Once you have applied for funding, your application will go through a number of processing steps. Please read this section very carefully to learn both how your application is processed and when you should expect to receive your funds. Learn more.

Priority Deadlines

There are specific deadlines for applications during each quarter. Please read this section very carefully to learn about the deadline dates and how early or late you can apply for funds. Learn more.

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