Types of Funds


The University of Chicago administers both the Federal Loan and Alternative Loan programs. The Federal Program provides you with the most attractive choice of loan options, while alternative lenders provide you with reasonable terms. Learn more about the available loans.


The Federal Work-Study program provides an excellent opportunity for you to earn money through part-time employment. Federal Work-Study is similar to any other job, the only major difference being that the Federal government pays a portion of your wages, and your campus employer contributes the remainder. Learn more about the work-study program.

Scholarships & Grants

You may help fund your education with scholarships or fellowships, which are supplied through your respective graduate division.

The Federal TEACH Grant Program provides graduate students a grant of up to $4,000 per year who intend to teach in a high-need public or private school. Learn more.

Other Funding

The University participates in other educational initiatives such as the Yellow-Ribbon Veteran’s Benefits and AmeriCorps National Service Awards Programs. We suggest that you read through this section to learn more about these opportunities. Learn more.

Students who will receive an outside scholarship to apply towards their education should provide our office with a copy of the award letter from the awarding foundation. Students who will use a College Savings Plan should provide our office with information on the plan’s ownership.