Cost of Attendance

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The total Estimated Cost of Attendance is comprised of direct costs (tuition, fees, and health insurance if required) and indirect costs (rent, food, transportation, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses). The Graduate Financial Aid office calculates an estimated cost of attendance that is then used to both determine your eligibility for student loans and Federal Work-Study and assist you as you budget your expenses.

You can view tuition rates on the Tuition and Fees page of the Bursar's Office.

Estimated living expenses will vary widely, depending on your living arrangements. Factors such as having a roommate, living within close proximity of campus, various modes of transportation, and dining habits all impact the amount of living expenses you pay each year. Our method for estimating living expenses is based on averaging rent prices within Hyde Park and combining that figure with modest public transportation and grocery cost estimates. The following are several resources that can help you determine how to best budget your costs and live comfortably while pursuing your degree at UChicago.

Students should adjust the estimated figures to reflect individual expenses such as room and board, books and supplies, personal, and transportation. Explore GRAD Housing Resources and Living in Hyde Park. Find ways to budget responsibly via tips on our Borrowing Responsibly page.

2018-2019 Estimated Living Expenses & Fees

Estimated Cost Full-time Half-time
Books & Supplies 1,785 1,179
Room & Board 17,100 17,100
Student Life Fee 1,164 1,164
Personal/Misc. 2,970 2,970
Transportation 2,556 2,556
  $25,575 $24,969
Estimated Loan Fees (For Fedeal Direct Loan Borrowers)1 1,080 1,080
Health Insurance (if required) 3,972 3,972
Total Living Expenses & Fees $30,627 $30,021

Lifetime Transcript Fee2: $75

2017-2018 Estimated Living Expenses & Fees

Cost Based on Full-Time Enrollment 9-Months 12-Months
Books & Supplies 1,785 2,380
Room & Board 16,830 22,440
Student Life Fee3 1,164 1,469
Health Insurance (Basic) 3,972 3,972
Personal/Misc. 2,880 3,840
Transportation 2,502 3,336
Student Loan Fees1 1,080 1,440
Total Expenses $30,213 $38,887

Lifetime Transcript Fee2: $75

Note: These are estimated figures. Students should adjust to their specific budget.

1 - Average student loan origination fees based on 2016-2017 Federal Direct Loan
2 - The lifetime transcript fee is assessed in full one time for new students during their first registered quarter. This figure is not added to the total living expenses above and is subject to change without notice.
3 - The summer student life fee is $305.

Students enrolled in 200 units are considered half-time.  Enrollment in 300 units or more is considered full-time.

For visa-related reasons, international student budgets may vary. Please consult with the Office of Internatioal Affairs at (773) 702-7752 if you have questions.

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