About Us


The Philosophies of College Admissions and Aid are unique among many institutions of higher education, and demonstrate our commitment to making your UChicago education affordable.

  • College Admissions admits students without consideration of financial resources (need-blind admissions)
  • For admitted students, we will meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need, as determined by College Aid’s holistic financial aid review process
  • We endeavor to award similar amounts of financial aid, throughout College enrollment, if you remain eligible and your family’s financial position is relatively unchanged.
  • We continuously review financial aid programs and policies to ensure we
    • Award financial aid in a fair and equitable manner
    • Provide financial aid programs which meet and respond to student needs
    • Comply with federal and state regulations
    • Simplify the financial aid application process
  • International and Undocumented students are eligible for financial support, as determined at the time of admission. Visit international aid for more information


College Aid aims to ensure all admitted students have access to an affordable University of Chicago education. Our professional staff conduct comprehensive reviews of all aid applications and materials to personalize a financial aid award for each student. We provide financial aid awards which combine University of Chicago grants and scholarship with federal and state grants, student self-help through work or loan, and a family contribution.