Whatever your circumstances, we are committed to making your education at the College affordable for your family. We welcome inquiries from families who would like more information about financial aid and from students interested in making the best use of their aid packages.

The figures below represent the cost of attendance for students during the 2017-18 academic year.



Tuition $53,292
Student Life Fee $1,533
1st Year Orientation $1,209
Room & Board $15,726
Books & Supplies* $1,800
Personal Expenses* $2,175
TOTAL $75,735


  1. Health insurance is not included in the cost figures above. The health insurance cost for 2016-17 is $3,615.
  2. Indirect costs, marked with an astersik (*), are estimates of expenses you will incur, but these items are not billed by the University.
  3. If you change your housing status, you must notify the Office of College Aid immediately.